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About Us

Established in the year 2016, Digital Ninja, a premium IT Services company in India has been offer IT services in the several region. NCR has been offering IT web services as well digital marketing that services stand but unseen in the market. From IT service like Mobile Application, Web Development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and On-line Promotions and Internet Marketing to offering experiences professional services in Multi-Channel & Multi-Platform web selling services, we assistance your growth and influence the right and reasonably audience.

We have a proven track record in this industry, having over 2 years of experience and working with tiny to medium-sized companies in India. Our dedicated team is talented, hardworking, individuals who offer each client support and deliver work in a timely manner. Once quoted, the prices will not change, unless you add in tasks or we tend to encounter some unforeseen issue.

Why US?

Because its all about experience and technology


Digital Ninza, enjoys a brand name that the team has built with the hard work and effort since 2016. We have hands on experiences in dealing with small to medium sized companies in India as well as outside India. We also carry a proven track record of delivering results on time and with great zeal. Our dedicated team of professionals is not only experienced but a highly talented bunch of hardworking individuals who offer 24X7 client support and meet all the deadlines.



Our workplace is meant for those who wish to not just work but learn, grow and evolve. We look forward to empowering our team, giving them the opportunity to explore and develop under our guidance.

Our recruitment procedure involves bringing on board experienced professionals, creative minds and people buzzing with positive energies. We encourage sharing of ideas and pushing boundaries to improve our skill-set.


We literally drool over good ideas and out of the box thinking at Digital Ninza. Each team member is free to bring forth a proposal that delivers better outcomes. We like to work the IDEAL WAY but with a creative edge.


We strongly believe in learning by doing, our team is constantly involved in inhouse trainings, group discussions on new technologies, transfer of knowledge and much more. Learning also comes out of fun, so our workplace activities revolve around not only learning new technologies or reading about platforms but also learning how to work well in a team, manage time and stress and at last deliver the work on time.

services in noida